Living and Loving: Serious Relationships and Who to Date

Now that you have a solid strategy for finding, dating, and sleeping with Filipinas, you might be considering dating one seriously.  Ultimately, I think most men will eventually get burnt out if they never settle down with a good woman, and I’m just beginning to value how wonderful a good relationship can be.

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Before jumping in to anything, it’s good to get an idea about some of the most common types of Filipinas you may come across in your dating life.  Some of them I’d recommend avoiding, while others I’d recommend as great relationship material.  Either way, being aware of what to expect should help you make informed decisions over who you decide to meet and bring in to your life.  This chapter mainly focuses on these types of women from the perspective of a relationship, so if you’re just looking for hook ups, don’t worry too much about the long term.

GROs and Freelancers are women who will sleep with men for money.  While it’s possible that many of these women are doing this out of necessity, many of them are there because they want the fast-paced lifestyle without putting in a lot of work.  Many of them have the point of view that money is everything, and this will affect how they view relationships.

From what I’ve heard, these women view relationships as a business, and do not see their boyfriends as someone they love, but rather someone they can extract money from.  Their time will cost you.  As such, many of these women will never really love you, and many of them have considerable emotional baggage after years of their lifestyle.

I have never heard a good story about guys who tried to wife up women from the bar.  On the contrary, many of the worst stories regarding relationship in Southeast Asia revolve around guys trying to reform former bargirls.

Recommendation: Definitely Avoid

While not outright prostitutes, many of these women also view relationships as a business, or a means to an end.  “Semi Pros” are women who will sleep with different guys, and sometimes ask for money depending on whether they like the guy or not, or if they want extra money or gifts.  For short term flings, they could ask an overinflated amount for taxi money, while for longer term flings, they can ask a whole lot more.  Many of them will make up stories to get money out of a guy.  These stories can range from anything to their dog being sick, having to pay for a funeral, and the tried and true relative in the hospital.

Many guys end up getting involved with these women, only to find out later that a lot of what they’ve been told is just outright lies to extract money from them.  A lot of the older guys who are out of shape will chase younger girls from poor families, only to end up in a situation like this, then later complain about them.  These girls aren’t always bad people and are often doing whatever they can to help support their extended families.  They see dating as a job, especially when it involves men they’re not attracted to.  But when there’s a clear mismatch in attraction, it should be obvious that the relationship might be transactional in nature.

Aside from semi pros, there is also the social climber.  These are the women who will use other people, especially men, to move up in social status.  Often these women have no loyalty to the men they’re using, and will dump them when they find someone who can offer them more.  They also tend to have very unhealthy views about their personality identity, where they come from, and are desperately trying to prove they’re different from where they came from.

In my opinion, any relationship revolving around a transactional nature is ultimately unhealthy and when times become rough, it may be very difficult to maintain them.  There are plenty of good girls out there who would make great partners, and there’s no need to resort to options that in the long run will usually end up in ruin.

Recommendation: Definitely Avoid

Like the social climber, the online juggler is a girl who’s always looking for someone better.  They’re the girls who, even after talking to someone for a long time, and even after getting in to relationships, never seem to want to delete their profiles or cut it off with the other guys in their life.

Many of them will make excuses about why they need to do this, but believe them at your peril.  In Filipino culture, it’s expected that once someone is in a relationship, they should stop entertaining other suitors.  Many women will break off communication with exes and other guys even before it’s established that they’re in a relationship to pressure the guy into exclusivity.

Now, from a woman’s perspective, it must be difficult.  Their fertility has a clock, and their time to lock down a partner is shorter than that of men’s.  With every guy they’re gambling their time without knowing whether the guy will settle down and commit to them, and every failed attempt to bond with someone means more wasted time.  So, I can see why many women would like to keep other guys in the background as “backup guys”.

Despite this, I wouldn’t take any woman seriously who isn’t willing to risk focusing exclusively on you.  It shows insecurity, disloyalty, and an inability to devote themselves to a partner.  Going down that path with a woman who does this will only lead to greater paranoia, jealousy, and drama.

Recommendation: Definitely Avoid

That’s it for now, folks.  Until next time, stay thirsty my friends.

Cory  X


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