Filipinas vs. Thai Women – Who are “Better?”


The debate between the various qualities between Thai women and Filipinas has been going on for years.  Decades even.  Thailand has historically been the destination of choice for folks seeking “fun” holidays in SE Asia, and a number of people have gone on to take Thai wives. Then – around the time that the United States pulled out of Subic Bay – the Philippines started to assert itself as a viable option for those looking for something along the same lines.  Just looking at the number of foreigners arriving at the Mactan and Manila airports supports just how popular the Philippines has become – especially for those seeking Filipina fun, girlfriends or wives.

So then does this seemingly eternal debate continue:  What exactly are the pro’s and con’s when comparing Thai women to Filipinas?  How do they stack up when it comes to looks, personality, cultural influence and the like.  That’s what we will be look at here – shamelessly breaking down the different qualities among Filipinas and Thai women that make them more (or less) appealing to the would-be adventurer.

I lived in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for over three years (2011-2015).  During that time, I would regularly travel to the Philippines for my own personal adventures, and in 2015 I moved from Thailand to the Philippines to live full time.  So, I’ve got some practical experiences in both countries.  Everyone is different, however, and opinions being what they are, they are likely to vary according to the particular experiences of any said individual. In short then, I am not trying to provide a definitive and thoroughly objective of ‘who is better?’  Just my own somewhat objective summation as to my particular experiences with both Filipinas and Thai women.

  1. Physical Attractiveness
    We are going to shamelessly start in the shallow end of the pool (being the misogynists we truly are) by first looking at the difference in looks. Oh yeah, we’re cavemen like that. Let’s start off by first stating that both countries boast some of the most beautiful women in the world. When comparing woemen from the Philippines or Thailand to women of the US, Canada or Europe (Oz and NZ, you are in there as well), there’s no question – Asian women are simply much better looking: Slender, with burnished brown skin, almond eyes and simply stated grace.  As far as differentiating between Filipinas and Thai women, however, I believe that Filipinas have the edge.  My reasoning for this lies in the more rounded, feminine shape of Filipinas (versus the more angular bodies of Thai women), their incredibly flawless skin and in particular, their beautiful eyes.  Don’t just take my word for it, though – just look at the yearly results of the Miss World and Universe pageants – the Philippines has crushed it with either outright total wins or runners up.  Yeah, they’re that beautiful.  Score an early point for Filipinas.
  2. Culinary Skills
    So after Filipinas sweeping it when it comes to physical attractiveness, we are going to have to give one to Thai women when it comes to cooking. Although I truly love living in the Philippines, I seriously miss the culinary skills of Thai women. Thai food is simply scrumptious – much tastier and healthier than literally anything you will find in the Philippines. If you haven’t been to the Philippines, you will find the “food” there to basically consist of rice, vinegary vegetables and gristly/fat-infused meat.  (And variations upon that basic theme.)  Thai food is simply much more diverse with soups, stews, curries and noodle dishes simply smashing anything that you will find in the Philippines.   And for some reason that I have never been fully able to understand, more Thai women know how to cook than Filipinas.  I am not sure why (and if anyone does know, feel free to leave your reasoning below in the comment section!), but it simply is what it is. Food is important to me – verrry important.  That’s why it is the second criteria and in this case, it decidedly goes to Thai women.

If you are keeping score, it’s now tied at 1-1.

  1. Sexual Skills
    After good looks and culinary skills, the next most important thing to me are the skills exhibited in the boudoir. In my experiences in Thailand, the women there seem to be more concerned with just going through the motions than actually taking any source of actual satisfaction from the act. Filipinas, on the other hand, are much more passionate and some might get the impression that they are absolute horndogs. Add in their superior good looks, and the bedroom shenanigans are second to none.  Heck, it’s even enough to (almost) make up for their lack of culinary skills. Now, with that said, keep in mind that your experiences with paid workers from either country will generally be on the lamer side of the fun zone.  What I am talking about here is actual girlfriends (or potential wives).  Most who have lived for a good amount of time in both countries will agree – Filipinas get the win.

Filipinas 2 – Thai Women – 1

  1. Communication
    Two week millionaires shagging each and everything they stumble across won’t care too much for this one, but in my opinion it’s mighty important. The Philippines counts English amongst as one of its official languages, and you’ll truly be surprised by the level of proficiency exhibited by the majority of the population. The same – sadly – cannot be said for Thailand, especially when it comes to traveling outside of major metropolitan areas.  Communication is important at any level, and it simply adds a lot to any type of interaction you are having in either country.  For those going to the Philippines first and then journeying on to Thailand, you will quickly see what I mean.  Approaching a random Thai is a lot different experience in frustration when compared to the ease of communication when interacting with virtually any citizen of the Philippines.

1 more point to Filipinas.  They are ahead now 3-1 over their Thai compatriots.

  1. Personality
    I am not sure if this is a carryover from the communication comparison criteria, but here I have to side with Filipinas once again. I have found Thai women to be more on the absurd side of ‘shy’ when compared to Filipinas, whom I have found to be ‘shy’ only when it suits them. Thai shyness is much more firmly rooted in the whole Asian non-confrontational tradition, and their desire to not lose face really takes a toll on their willingness to discuss or show feelings at virtually any level.  Don’t take me wrong, though – both Thai women and Filipinas are very sweet. But to me, Filipinas just seem willing to be a bit more outgoing and socially interactive.  And the exuberance they exhibit for even the most simplest of things seems a lot more real than those put forth by Thai women.  Dang, it seems as if a trend is starting for form – Filipinas now lead at a decided advantage of 4 to 1.
  2. Being Spoiled
    The final thing I will be comparing is whether a Thai or Filipina is likely to spoil you more. And although this is at the bottom of the list, it is still pretty important to me.  In this instance, women from Thailand decidedly take the cake.  They are much more likely to pamper you with everything that you need.  From shopping to cleaning to taking care of the things that need to get gone, they are more likely than a Filipina to get it done.  Filipinas – while quite helpful and accommodating – simply don’t seem to have that seem level of selfless concern for your well-being.  Yeah, they’ll spoil you – but not to the extent that a Thai will.

Thai women gain a point here – It’s now 4-2 in the favor of Filipinas, though.

  1. Cultural Factors
    Although the Philippines and Thailand are both in the Asian sphere, Thailand is much more hardcore when it comes to Asian values. You can see this most explicitly in the Thai greeting of wai.  Social class is still very important in Thailand and the giving and receiving of wai is based on this – lower class Thais offer their wai to higher class Thais, and if the difference of social level is great, the higher class Thai won’t even return the wai.  (Yes, the Philippines has a similar system of mano/blessing but that is usually reserved for family.) Both cultures also tend to have a certain level of resignation when it comes to life.  Thai’s express it as ‘mai bpenrai’ (‘nevermind, not a big deal’) whilst Filipinas have ‘bahala na’ (it’s in God’s hands).  But again, it’s not as obvious in the Philippines. Finally, the Asian concepts of “face” (sia naa) and shame are also much more prevalent in Thailand – sometimes to the point of absurdity. The cultural differences are deeply ingrained in Thailand – much more so than in the Philippines.  This can have a significant impact on any potential long-term relationship, and it is something to keep in mind.

NOTE:  Yes, I know the Philippines has amor propio, hiya, tampo and all that, but in my opinion these Asian traditions aren’t as prominently on display here as they are in Thailand.

So, when it comes to cultural factors, the Philippines gains another point.

Final Score:  5 for Filipinas.  2 for Thai women.

Again, keep in mind that these are only my experiences in both Thailand and the Philippines.  At the very most, it is an incredibly subjective take on comparing the wonderful women of Thailand to those of the Philippines.  A lot of this also has to do with the particulars of what one is looking for.  Some might hold personality to be of be at the top of the scale while others might consider physical attraction to be of paramount importance.

So, there it is – my opinion on the long-standing debate comparing various qualities between women from Thailand and women from the Philippines.  Agree? Disagree?  Have something to ad to the discussion?  Feel free to leave your input in the comments section!

Cory X.


      1. Most filipino women have lighter shade-pinkish pu**y .
        Thai women on the other hand most have darkish to brownish pu**y .

        Love from a japanese fan of filipino women☺

  1. After 32 yrs of marriage to a Filipina (she passed) , i’ve switched to Thai and now live in Thailand. It’s a nice refreshing change. Both have their pro’s and con’s. Just depends what you’re willing to put up with, i

    1. Variety is the spice of life!! And Thai food is about 1,000,000 times better than anything in the Philippines!!

  2. I think you forgot that thai women are most clean women in the world, they shower 4 or 5 times a week and clean the body clever way and the thai women have also better skin, because of better food and smile with eues
    the bad fat pork meat in the Philippines is the reason why when a filipina is over 40 is fat and has big molee on face and also when they have childreen, mostly have special tummy operation and look disgusting , not sexually attractive, but opposite,,,while thai women are perfect also when tyey are older

    1. I am in the Philippines right now and just spent three months in BK. Filipinas are still my favorite. Of course, YMMV!!!

  3. If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn’t have married a Thai, well, this one anyway. Initially, it was incredible, lots of fun, plenty of sex and great cooking, the usual stuff.. But that has tailed off so much in the past year that now, it’s go and buy food from Auntie as she’s too lazy to cook, the house is a mess because she’s too lazy to clean, dishes stay in the sink unless I clean them, I get sent out for ice coffees and food, it’s always too hot, and she owes me a fortune in failed business ideas. Oh, and sex.. it’s you can do with yourself and watch movie, but I get a smack if I look over at another woman. I have never seen anybody who can park her arse in front of a television at 0830 and 2300 still sit there.
    I’m at the point now where either I try a Flip or forget women altogether…

  4. If you like tits go for Thailand. Filipinas has poor tits in terms of size and shape. Great nipples sure but most are nearly flat chested. In Thailand you can find excellent to perfect tits. There are of course a fair amount of flat chests there too, but enough Thai women have nice tits. Also if your a fan of big or Shapely pussy lips, again Thai women have bigger cults in general and longer more varied flaps. I concur on everything else not withstanding individuals who turn the norms on their heads. That’s been my experience based on 7 years in Phils and 9 in TL.

  5. I spent 2004 to 2007 between Thailand and the Philippines on business. its not an easy answer and much comes down to your own personal taste, ambitions and character. I kept away from the usual pick-up joints instead meeting girls through friends.
    IMHO, beautiful Pinay women are far more plentiful but the Thais have the very best. Pinays under 25 are better looking but Thais age much better, possibly due to diet. Pinays are wild about sex whereas Thais are somewhat more reserved. Pinays are a sexually easier fit than Thais. A Pinay will go with you because she finds YOU attractive, a Thai because she finds your wallet attractive. Pinays are more loving but more volatile. Pinays are closer culturally to Americans, Thais to Europeans. Both lie and scheme hugely but its far easier to spot in a Pinay. Pinays tend to think short term, Thais long term.
    all that said I love them both but settled for a Thai in the end because I enjoy a challenge. being an Englishman the country was easier to work with too thanks to the steering wheel is on the right side

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