Three Best Online Dating Sites for Meeting Filipina Girls


As far as dating and meeting women in the Philippines goes, folks generally have a few options.  The first option is hanging out in bars and clubs and working your magical skills on the selections there contained.  This is an OK approach if you’ve got the looks and skills, but you might find that that the adorable lass you’ve been chatting up for the past hour is actually a prostitute and only into the interaction for the promise of pesos.  This is especially true if you are a foreigner.

Option two is making your moves out in public, working the odds in the malls, cafes or other attractions.  This approach is tenable, but most will find that it takes a lot of time and energy and you’ll usually get a lot more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes’s.”  A downside to the public approach is that most Filipinas are hip to foreigners coming to the Philippines to accrue notches in their belts – They see most foreigners as ‘chickboys’ and ‘butterflies,’ winging their way from one girl to the next.  In addition you are also going up against the embarrassment that many locals experience when talking with (or seen with) a foreigner in public.

The third option is pretty much a sure fire guarantee for company and consists of simply walking into any nearby KTV/girly bar, chatting up any of the accommodating staff and finalizing the transaction (with ‘transaction being pretty much all it is).  And while this approach works, it’s going to cost a good amount of money and won’t really being anything more than it actually is.

The final option is one that the vast majority of folks have migrated to – namely online dating sites, where thousands of viable connections exist in one convenient virtual space.  Online dating is quite simple and does away with public approaches, hanging out in clubs and bars or having to toss out a good number of pesos for thirty minutes of fun.

The good news here is that online dating is HUGE in the Philippines.  Thousands have enrolled in the bigger websites and thousands more are signing up each and every month.  And don’t forget that English is spoken throughout the Philippines, so if you’ve had issues on sites chatting with Thai’s (as one example), you’ll find the communication is much smoother – most times, you simply send a short message and you are off and running:  You’ll soon be switching over to Facebook messenger, Viber or any of the other chat apps that are popular throughout the Philippines.

Another bonus of online dating in the Philippines is that Filipinas are MUCH less shy online they are when out in public – well, at least the nice ones.  Filipino society knows what’s up with many foreign tourists in the Philippines – they have grown up with it and know what is what.  Filipinas chatting with strange “porenyers” in public realize this stigma which is why online dating is the way to go and the public approach is such a waste of time and energy.  Another incentive for online dating in the Philippines is that most of the site features are free to anyone with an email address.  This works out for both “sides” – the Filipina gets to sign up and post photos for free and the foreigner tourist can do the same and peruse available profiles to their heart’s content.  Yes, there are usually paid features that provide more functionality but for most, the basics are good enough.

There are dozens of online dating sites that feature Filipinas.  Some are pretty good, others are just OK and a greater number are pretty much absolute garbage.  I have used a good many of them and have basically honed down the top four that I have had good experiences with – meaning, they have the most Filipinas signed up for them and they are very active.

So, with all that said, here’s my list of the Top Five Online Dating Sites for Filipinas.


Filipino Cupid

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest online dating site for the Philippines.  Filipino Cupid is the Philippines-centric site of Cupid Media which boasts dating sites for nearly every geographic location across the planet.  Signing up is free but paying the modest yearly fee brings in a lot more functionality.  You will always find more lovely lasses online that you could every hope to chat with and once your profile is completed, you will be inundated with ‘likes’ and private messages.  Filipino Cupid is by far the biggest and most successful player in the local scene and have introduced thousands of couples (and later marriages).

To check out more on Filipino Cupid, click any of their images on this page or just click HERE.


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Asian Dating

Asian Dating is another online dating option which features women from all over Asia – Vietname, China, Thailand and the Philippines.  Asian Dating is also run by Cupid Media (as is Filipino Cupid), and I have found their sites to have a lot less scammers and ladyboys than some of the other sites (like Date in Asia which seems to all be hustlers and undercover shemales).  Asian Dating pretty much has the same set up and feature set that Filipino Cupid has.

Check out more of Asian Dating by clicking HERE.


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Pina Love

The final entry in our online triumvirate is Pina Love.  The site is fairly new and an offshoot from the people who brought you  (If you look at the interfaces on both sites, you can see the resemblance without even having to check the fine print.)  Pinalove is HUGE in the Philippines and is possessed of a remarkably active user base.  Signing up is free, putting your profile together is a snap and pinalove actually puts a modicum of effort into weeding out possible scammers and hustlers.  The only downside is that you can only send out one message every ten minutes – this limitation and additional search filtering can be overcome with a paid fee.

You can check out Pina Love by clicking HERE.



Online Dating Safety

I will do another full post on this at some point, but here’s a few thing to keep in mind when using online dating sites in the Philippines.

Do use a email/Skype address that protects your anonymity (see more on this below in the “Don’t” section).

Do realize that chaperones are a part of the culture here.  If your date shows up with a friend, don’t freak out.

Do insist on checking ID to verify their age.  Any Filipino can get a postal ID.

Don’t send money.  If someone you don’t know is asking for money, block them and move onto the next.

Don’t give real identity.  The possibility of getting scammed and hustled through online dating is a very real issue.  Limit your liability by not providing identifying information.  I always recommend setting up a new email and Skype account with phony names.

Don’t get nekkid on cam.  A very common scam in the Philippines is getting a foreigner to engage in cam sex, recording the video and then blackmailing the unwitting foreigner.


So, I hope this post has been of some use to you.  If you’ve got any input on this article or want to make any recommendations, please leave a comment!

Salamat po!

Cory X


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  1. There are so many good dating sites in the Philippines now. I still don’t understand why people complain about why they couldn’t find a perfect partner. I think it’s all the matter of how much effort you put in. Somebody out there has to be looking for someone like you. I highly recommend they have a family oriented singles niche which i find it comfortable to be a part of since i am very family-oriented type.

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