A Typical First Time in a Philippine Girly Bar

A Typical Visit to a Girly Bar

Girly bars are found of over SE Asia.  As we previously noted in our article on bar girls, they are a bit different than adult-themed strip joints that you may have experienced in the West.  For those that are already well-experienced with girly bars in Asia, you can probably click off to another topic.  If you’ve never had opportunity to visit one, however, this is typically how the experience plays out: Read More

Filipina Bar Girls – Don’t Call Them Prostitutes!!


Philippines Sex Industry – Filipina Bar Girls

People come to the Philippines for all kinds of reasons:  Beautiful beaches, sunny, tropical weather, world-class diving, educational and business opportunities and some of the most stunning scenic scenery to be found on the planet.  One reason that is less discussed publicly among ‘polite’ company is the draw of all the beautiful women.  

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Best Places to Meet Filipinas

When it comes to meeting beautiful women in the Philippines, one doesn’t have to look too far.  Or, for that matter, all that hard. Lovely ladies are literally everywhere, and there are times when I start to wonder if they are not growing them on trees or plantations somewhere.  And you don’t have to take my word for it.  My conclusion is bolstered by hundreds of thousands of foreigners arriving in the Philippines every month.  That’s a LOT of people, and one can easily conclude that the majority of them are certainly not coming for the ‘exquisite’ Filipino food. Read More

Filipinas vs. Thai Women – Who are “Better?”


The debate between the various qualities between Thai women and Filipinas has been going on for years.  Decades even.  Thailand has historically been the destination of choice for folks seeking “fun” holidays in SE Asia, and a number of people have gone on to take Thai wives. Then – around the time that the United States pulled out of Subic Bay – the Philippines started to assert itself as a viable option for those looking for something along the same lines.  Just looking at the number of foreigners arriving at the Mactan and Manila airports supports just how popular the Philippines has become – especially for those seeking Filipina fun, girlfriends or wives. Read More

Three Best Online Dating Sites for Meeting Filipina Girls


As far as dating and meeting women in the Philippines goes, folks generally have a few options.  The first option is hanging out in bars and clubs and working your magical skills on the selections there contained.  This is an OK approach if you’ve got the looks and skills, but you might find that that the adorable lass you’ve been chatting up for the past hour is actually a prostitute and only into the interaction for the promise of pesos.  This is especially true if you are a foreigner. Read More

Getting from Manila Airport to Downtown


After landing in Manila, the first thing you’re going to notice stepping off the plane is oppressive heat followed shortly thereafter by the surging crowds. Manila is a massive city and NAIA – Ninoy Aquino International Airport- is pretty much a portrait of the city in miniature.

Coming off the plane, you’re most likely to be exhausted and on the oh-so-fun cusp of acute jetlag.   Following 10 to 24 hours of travel time, most folks are simply looking to get to their hotel as quickly as possible. Read More

Getting from Manila to Angeles City

Now, while Manila certainly has its charms when it comes to restaurants, shopping, tourist attractions, clubs and other big city amenities, at some point, you’ll probably be wanting to check out something a bit different.  And after living with the horrendous traffic, poisonous atmosphere and higher day-to-day living costs (bar fines and lady drinks are a lot more expensive in Manila as compared to other areas), a good number of curious travelers eventually find their way to the famous (or infamous) Angeles City.

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Getting from Angeles to Subic

OK, so you’ve been indulging in the zaniness that is Angeles City for a while and all of sudden you realize – much to your surprise – that you’re starting to get a bit….. bored.

OMG!  Really?  Bored of all the bars and clubs and massages and beautiful brown Filipinas seeking to make your acquaintance that seem to literally be falling out of the sky????  In short, yes.

After a while, people tend to realize that Angeles – while entertaining and much fun in the short run – can quickly turn into a case of “same old, same old.”  What once was once unique and exciting now seems to grow mundane and rather dull.  Yep, even for the most dedicated hedonist, the wonders of this single guy’s paradise can slowly – but steadily – lose its luster and sheen Read More